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    Mirth, Jollity and a Monticello Plum Pudding
      By Diane Eihrenpreis, Assistant Curator Details of how the holiday was observed at Monticello are scarce. I recently made a discovery in a set of Jefferson family letters that takes place at Christmas, and provides insights into the comings and goings of the household. In December (date), Jefferson’s granddaughter Cornelia Randolph composed a hasty letter […]
    Monticello Favorite: Butterfly Weed
    A Colorful & Lively Addition to a Summer Garden!   The Shop at Monticello's featured plant, Asclepias tuberosa, commonly known as Butterfly Weed, is currently in full bloom in the beautiful gardens at Monticello. Don’t let the name fool you! This plant’s vibrant orange and red coloring, as well its attraction to Monarch Butterflies and other pollina […]
    Mary Randolph's Cornbread Recipe
    “Our breakfast table was as large as our Dinner table; … we had tea, coffee, excellent muffins, hot wheat and corn bread, cold ham and butter,” recalled visitor Margaret Bayard Smith. Jefferson’s notes allude to raising corn for bread and Martha Jefferson Randolph referred to the family being “fond” of Indian, or corn, meal. This is Mary Randolph’s recipe, a […]
    Jefferson's Wine Jelly Recipe
    "I find friendship to be like wine, raw when new, ripened with age, the true old man’s milk, & restorative cordial."                       -Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Rush, Aug. 17, 1811 We have reams of material on the food and cookery of Thomas Jefferson's day in Virginia--much of it recorded by Jefferson himself. In addition to all of […]
    Modern Uses for Monticello Classics
    The house was in an unfinished state, and when Mr. Seymour observed it, Mr. Jefferson replied—“And I hope it will remain so during my life, as architecture is my delight, and putting up, and pulling down, one of my favourite amusements.” –Thomas Jefferson (as told by Margaret Bayard Smith) Thomas Jefferson was constantly designing and reinventing furnishings […]
    Jefferson in France: Then and Now
    The five years that Thomas Jefferson lived in Paris, France made for some of the most influential times in his life. While abroad, Jefferson had the opportunities to experience great art and architecture, some of which followed him back to the states. The Hôtel de Salm, which currently houses the headquarters of the Legion of Honor, was a building that great […]