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    Introducing the Monticello Clock Scarf
    The Shop at Monticello is excited to announce a new addition to its line of exclusive accessories--the Monticello Clock Scarf! This beautiful silk scarf is inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s distinctive timepieces. Signature elements from the cannonball-driven Great Hall Clock, the obelisk-flanked clock Jefferson designed for his bedchamber, his elegant French m […]
    Jefferson-Inspired Jewelry: Garden & Grounds
    [gallery ids="3720,3721,3719"] The Shop at Monticello's handmade bronze and silver jewelry draws inspiration from Thomas Jefferson's varied interests. Featured here are unique garden-themed pieces that celebrate the third president's love of nature and his revolutionary Monticello gardens. Each piece represents a different part of Je […]
    Heirloom Okra and True Virginia Gumbo
    In Notes on the State of Virginia, begun in 1781, Thomas Jefferson recorded that the gardens of his native state "yield musk melons, water melons, tomatoes, okra, pomegranates, figs, and the esculent plants of Europe." It wasn't until 1809, however, that Jefferson began to plant okra on an annual basis at Monticello. Jefferson experimented wit […]
    The Revolving Bookstand: Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an
    Eleven years before composing the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson bought a Qur’an. How did this purchase influence Jefferson and what role did Islam play with other American Founding Fathers? Wm. Scott Harrop reviews Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an: Islam and the Founders by Denise Spellberg in this month's Revolving Bookstand feature. […]
    Jefferson and Apples
    Of the many fruit species Thomas Jefferson cultivated in his Monticello gardens, his collection of apple trees were one of his most consistently successful crops. Peter J. Hatch,  the Director of Monticello Gardens and Grounds for over 34 years, said, “The apple was a standard, every-day fruit at Monticello…Jefferson’s cultivation of the apple was exceptiona […]
    A Historic Visit
    From Thomas Jefferson’s lifetime to the present day, people have journeyed to Jefferson‘s mountaintop seeking inspiration and knowledge of the man who penned, as he called it, an "expression of the American mind" and a creed for democracies around the globe. Monticello, Jefferson’s three-dimensional biography, has welcomed United States presidents, […]