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    Jefferson in France: Then and Now
    The five years that Thomas Jefferson lived in Paris, France made for some of the most influential times in his life. While abroad, Jefferson had the opportunities to experience great art and architecture, some of which followed him back to the states. The Hôtel de Salm, which currently houses the headquarters of the Legion of Honor, was a building that great […]
    Staff Pick: Calendula
    Calendula, or Pot Marigold (Calendula officinalis), is a great plant in both seed and flower. TJ sowed “Marygold,” an old name for Calendula, on April 2, 1767, at Shadwell. The seeds have a rather interesting shape: they resemble cat’s claws, according to a longtime Monticello groundskeeper. Showing a preference for cooler temperatures, the cheery yellow flo […]
    Take a Cocktail Break & Try a Peach Shrub
    Imagine sipping on vinegar on a hot August afternoon. Sounds gross, right? Not during Jefferson’s time! The vinegar-flavored beverage, better known as a “shrub”, was the drink of choice during the summers in the eighteenth and early nineteenth century. The concoction often included soaking fruits such as peaches or strawberries in vinegar for around two week […]
    5 Favorites from an American Top Landmark
    In celebration of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello being named one of Trip Advisor’s Top 25 Landmark Attractions in 2014, here's a list of five of our favorite Jeffersonian keepsakes. These selections, both stylish and useful, were chosen for their link to Jefferson and his historic home. Your purchase of these classic gifts from The Shop supports Mon […]
    Crispy Pickled Green Beans with Mary Randolph’s Pepper Vinegar
    Although few recipes from Thomas Jefferson's household survive, in 1824 Mary Randolph, Jefferson's daughter Martha's sister-in-law published The Virginia Housewife, a cookbook that we believe contains many recipes Jefferson enjoyed. There was much contact between the Monticello family and Mrs. Randolph in the ten years before Jefferson's […]
    On This Day in History: Lewis & Clark
    Recreations of artifacts sent to Jefferson by Meriwether Lewis hang in the Hall of Monticello[/caption]Thomas Jefferson commissioned the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1803 to explore the northwest territory in order to observe a transcontinental route and natural resources. In 1804, about 45 men led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark moved up the Missouri […]