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The Shop at Monticello’s Gifts for Her collection is inspired by Jefferson’s passions for elegant, functional design and nature’s beauty. From classic decor to exclusive garden supplies, a gift from this collection is sure to delight each Mom on your list. Shop the entire collection now >>

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Jefferson in France: Then and Now

The five years that Thomas Jefferson lived in Paris, France made for some of the most influential times in his life. While abroad, Jefferson had the opportunities to experience great art and architecture, some of which followed him back to the states. The Hôtel de Salm, which currently houses the headquarters of the Legion of Honor, was a building that greatly intrigued Jefferson. Jefferson wrote about this Parisian architecture to Madame de Tessé: “While in Paris, I was violently smitten with the Hôtel de Salm, and used to go to the Thuileries almost daily, to look at it.” He saw the remodeled Palais Royal, the Halle aux Bleds, and various cathedrals, including Sainte-Genevieve (the Panthéon) and the Madeleine. These structures, in particular the dome of Hôtel de Salm, were the inspiration for Monticello design.

Today, Jefferson’s admiration of the Hotel de Salm remains through a 10-foot bronze statue on the left bank of the Seine River in Paris. The statue is situated so that Jefferson’s eyes point towards his inspiration, holding a piece of paper showing his first vision of Monticello.

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From my own time in France it was easy to see how Jefferson was so heavily influenced by Paris. Jefferson described what he gained from France as a “treasure of art, science and sentiment.” I believe anyone could agree on this statement, even in today’s world. Paris is one of the cleaner cities I’ve encountered, and also one of the greenest. There are many parks, including the royal Tuileries, Jefferson’s preference, that give the city a more peaceful feel. Also, nearly all of central Paris is built of beautiful, timeless buildings. After a visit, it was clear why Jefferson loved spending time there and was so inspired.

France was not only an influence on Jefferson’s architecture preferences, but also his everyday life. After his five year stay, he had 86 crates arranged to be shipped back to Philadelphia, including chairs, clocks, and goblets. Today you can find French-inspired items and Jeffersonian reproductions through The Shop at Monticello.



Celebrate Graduation with Jefferson-Inspired Gifts


“This institution of my native state, the hobby of my old age, will be based on the illimitable freedom of the human mind, to explore and to expose every subject susceptible of it’s contemplation.”

-Thomas Jefferson on the University of Virginia December 26, 1820

Commemorate graduation with these Jefferson-inspired pieces! Classic and timeless, these keepsakes will last a lifetime, inspiring your graduate to tackle his or her “dreams of the future.”

Jefferson Cups

Sterling Reproduction Cup with Gold-washed Interior

In 1810, when Jefferson commissioned a silversmith to make eight cups from his own design, he probably never imagined how popular they would become. The Shop at Monticello offers exclusive Jefferson Cups based on Jefferson’s design in pewter, silver and gold. Exquisitely simple and extremely versatile, Jefferson Cups are as suitable for serving a festive punch as they are for holding cufflinks or office supplies. Gift boxed and customizable with engraving, a Jefferson Cup is the perfect gift to mark this occasion. For your graduating wahoo, The Shop also offers Jefferson Cups engraved with the UVA seal.

personalized-chinese-railing-cuff-bracelet-31Personalized Jewelry

Inspired by the Chinese-style fretwork on the railings of Monticello’s raised terrace walks, this bracelet can be personalized with initials and matched with The Chinese Railing Necklace and Earrings, for stylish and versatile American-made look. The Shop at Monticello offers a wide-range of jewelry that evokes Jefferson’s distinct taste in art and architecture for your accessory-loving graduate or budding architect.

Classic Cufflinks

eaglesThe stylized eagle found on Monticello’s Entrance Hall ceiling provides the motif for these impressive cufflinks. As on the ceiling, each eagle is surrounded by 18 stars representing the United States between 1812 and 1816. These sterling silver cufflinks with gold-plated eagles and oxidized background are exquisitely handcrafted in Ireland. A perfect gift for your history buff or hopeful politician.

Shop dozens more inspired gifts for graduation on and celebrate graduation with us at Monticello’s Walk the Other Lawn!


Introducing the Monticello Clock Scarf

The Shop at Monticello is excited to announce a new addition to its line of exclusive accessories–the Monticello Clock Scarf! This beautiful silk scarf is inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s distinctive timepieces. Signature elements from the cannonball-driven Great Hall Clock, the obelisk-flanked clock Jefferson designed for his bedchamber, his elegant French mantel clocks and pocket watch are all featured in this stylish piece.

MonticelloClockScarfThe clocks of Monticello, many of which were crafted to Jefferson’s specifications, reveal his desire for order, love of innovation and ability to modify the traditional to suit his needs.


The Great Clock in the Hall


Monticello Dining Room

The Pillar Clock in the Dining Room



French Mantle Clock


Obelisk Clock

Through his many letters, Jefferson’s ideas about time emerge. He frequently recommended ways for his loved ones to spend their time, such as playing music and reading to keep away “ennui.” On May 5, 1787, he wrote to his daughter Martha, “determine never to be idle. no person will have occasion to complain of the want of time, who never loses any. it is wonderful how much may be done, if we are always doing. and that you may be always doing good, my dear, is the ardent prayer of yours affectionately.”

Versatile and stylish, the Monticello Clock Scarf is ready-to-wear twisted, tied or knotted around the neck, thrown over your shoulders, or styled as a head wrap. This “timeless and treasured piece’” for the “well-accessorized parent” was named number one in Thoughtful Gifts for Mom by The Scout Guide. Our Monticello-exclusive square scarf with a hand-rolled hem is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day–or anytime–for the lady with an eye for fashion and a love of history, art and architecture.


Jefferson-Inspired Jewelry: Garden & Grounds

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The Shop at Monticello’s handmade bronze and silver jewelry draws inspiration from Thomas Jefferson’s varied interests. Featured here are unique garden-themed pieces that celebrate the third president’s love of nature and his revolutionary Monticello gardens. Each piece represents a different part of Jefferson’s gardening legacy: The Peapod and Blueberry Collections showcase Jefferson’s  favorite vegetable and fruits he planted in Monticello’s Garden; the Ginkgo Collection highlights the Ginkgo tree, a deciduous tree from the time of dinosaurs, that Jefferson planted in 1807; pieces like the sterling silver Dogwood necklace and earrings memorialize the abundance of beautiful Dogwood blossoms that paint the Monticello Grounds pink and white during the spring. More Jefferson-inspired jewelry can be found in Jewelry online and in store at The Shop at Monticello.

Jefferson-Inspired Jewelry: Art & Architecture

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domeroomThe Shop at Monticello offers a wide-range of jewelry that evokes Jefferson’s distinct taste in art and architecture.

A “Founding Tastemaker,” Jefferson mixed his favorite styles from around the globe. When Jefferson built his otherwise Palladian home, he designed “Chinese Railings” to border Monticello’s upraised terrace walk. The geometric patterns found in these lattice railings were prized by Jefferson are emulated in The Shop’s Chinese Railing Collection. Pieces include a Personalized Chinese Railing Cuff Bracelet, Chinese Railing Necklace and Chinese Railing Earrings.

Reflecting his love of French Neoclassical design, Jefferson ordered circular mahogany windows for Monticello’s Dome Room in 1801. The enormous windows allowed Jefferson and his guests to take in the spectacular landscape and have, in turn,  inspired The Shop’s Monticello in Moonlight earrings in blue and white.


Jefferson also featured influences from closer to home, decorating Monticello with portraits of friends and family.

Inspired by Monticello’s Sitting Room, The Shop offers a line of glass intaglio jewelry. Each piece features a cameo reminiscent of Jefferson’s collection of silhouettes, pairing classic style and modern flair.

Simple yet romantic, the intaglio collection is an eye-catching adaptation of its 19th-century predecessors. Favorites include the Large Aqua Intaglio Earrings, Cameo with Bow Necklace, and the Wine Intaglio Bracelet.






Versatile and refined, this jewelry is sure to please anyone with an eye for art or architecture. For more Jefferson-inspired pieces, search Jewelry at The Shop.