Host a Monticello-Inspired Harvest Party

Thomas Jefferson often used gardening as a way to establish and foster good relationships. He sent plants and growing tips to his correspondents and annually participated in “Spring Pea” growing competitions with his neighbors around Monticello. No matter who won these competitions, the results were always celebrated with a fresh feast for the participants.

Celebrate Jefferson’s legacy on gardening by hosting your own Monticello-inspired Harvest Party. Pair your favorite fruits or vegetables with these fun and festive items from The Shop at Monticello.

potpourriSet the tone before your guests enter your home with a seasonal wreath on your front door. Our Large Magnolia Bud Wreath and our Harvest Glow Wreath are two beautiful season-spanning decorative options.

Seasonal scents like cloves and cinnamon, cocoa and vanilla, apples, berries, cumin and bergamot found in Monticello’s Autumn Spice Potpourri make your home both festive and inviting. Add to the ambiance by mixing rustic textures with elegant touches and rich and bright colors throughout your décor.

vegetablecollectionOur coordinated Monticello Garden Vegetable Plates, Placemats, and Napkins celebrate the Monticello Vegetable Garden and are a perfect match for a harvest theme. Carrots, beets, hot peppers and Jefferson’s favorite English peas form the colorful borders of the porcelain dinner plate and hemstitched cotton place mats. Specific vegetables are showcased on each salad plate and cotton/linen napkin. Exclusive to Monticello, these plates and linens are based on a tapestry design by famed textile artist Laura Foster Nicholson. “Like a giant, patterned textile just unfurled from the loom,” she wrote about the garden’s 1,000-foot, ribbon-like design. The plates are dishwasher-safe and the linens are machine-washable for easy clean up.

Accent your table with functional style with our Monticello Personalized Pepper Mill. This impressive wooden pepper mill, almost as big as a 250 ml bottle, honors family, fine food and fine wine and can be personalized with a name and date.

seed boxNeed a good take away for your guests? Seed packets make perfect party favors. “Tie packets together with ribbon or feature them in a cedar box,” offers Leah Sumrall, Event Manager at Monticello. Another option Sumrall suggests is to “write your guests’ names on individual seed packets and use them as place cards.” Our Monticello Historic Seeds Sampler, Seed Packet Box with Heirloom Seeds, and Terra Cotta Pots with Monticello Seeds are all great options for favors that can double or triple their use as party decorations and fun post party activities.

Carry the harvest theme from the décor through dinner and dessert. If you are throwing an end of summer bash, check out our Tomato Season blog for great dining options. For either season make sure to include a fresh fruit pie or cobbler for desert!



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