A Jefferson-Inspired Library

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After selling his collection of books to the Library of Congress, Jefferson soon realized he wanted to replenish his library. He wrote to John Adams, “I cannot live without books,” and soon began to fill his Book Room at Monticello.

Are you a passionate reader looking to create your own comfortable nook to read in? It’s easy to find inspiration for your home library in Jefferson’s own suite of private rooms which included his Book Room, Cabinet or office, Bedchamber and Greenhouse. Furnish your library with these Jefferson–inspired pieces, to create a stylish and serviceable space.

library-stand-215The first step to get organized is to find the right shelving. The Library Stand is a striking alternative to your standard bookshelf. With gorgeous neoclassical fretwork, sleek mahogany finish, and wide glass shelves for ample storage, this piece personifies timeless taste and function. The stand’s special tilting top shelf is a great way to show off an atlas, dictionary, or favorite volume.

monticellostore_2272_108315772[1]With four compartments and a shelf, the Monticello Canterbury is perfect place for storing magazines, newspapers, or office files. Jefferson and his family used the original Canterbury to store their favorite sheet music. Whether you use it as a handy wood magazine rack or for its original purpose, the reproduction Canterbury is just as practical today. Its top handle and legs with brass rolling casters make it easy to transfer your preferred reading material from home office to your favorite chair.

Campeachy Chair

Nothing says classic Jeffersonian style like the Campeachy Chair. Jefferson’s first Campeachy was imported from New Orleans, but he liked the chair so much he had Jon Hemings, a plantation joiner, make copies for both Monticello and his retreat home, Poplar Forest. Jefferson used the mahogany chair throughout his Presidency and his retirement, referring to it as, “…that easy kind of chair.” With classic style and a relaxed feel, the chair features an X-shaped base, generous armrests, a serpentine crest rail, and a low-slung seat of reinforced leather. Our reproduction chair is based on the Campeachy chair currently featured in Monticello’s parlor. Bob Self, Saunders Director of Restoration at Monticello, claims that particular Campeachy is “the most comfortable” of all the originals and that its reproductions are truly faithful replicas.

folding-library-steps-207If you have hard to reach shelves or are just in need of a fun side table, our Folding Library Steps are a smart solution. Bring some green to your reading room by setting a plant on each step or fold the bottom steps in to make a smaller side table. Made out of solid mahogany, our multi-purpose Folding Library Steps are a great addition to any room. With these key pieces in home, you can sit back in style and enjoy your “greatest of all amusements, books.”


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