Monticello Apple Harvest Collection

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Between 1769 and 1814 Jefferson planted over 1,000 fruit trees in his South Orchard. Among Jefferson’s most successful fruits were the eighteen varieties of apples he planted. Apple trees adapted well to the region’s warm, humid summers and produced delicious fruits used for cider making and special desserts. The “Taliaferro” apple was known as one of Jefferson’s favorites; he described it as “the best cyder apple existing…nearer to the silky Champagne than any other.” Unfortunately, the Taliaferro has disappeared from cultivation and remains Monticello’s mystery apple. Today apples are planted in the South Orchard of Monticello and remain a favorite fruit in the Appalachian region, especially during the autumn apple-picking season!

monticellostore_2271_39235825[1]For an authentic taste of Monticello’s apple orchards, try the Shop’s Monticello Apple Butter at breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Wonderful on biscuits, toast, or waffles; cornbread, ham, or pork, this delicious spread packs the flavor of fresh Virginia apples and spices with no added preservatives or sugars. Our apple butter is made in Frederick County, Virginia at a family-owned farm and cannery started in 1828.

Celebrate Jefferson’s love for brewing and serving cider with our Monticello Sparkling Cider. A blend of several varieties of apples results in the clean, fruity taste of our non-alcoholic cider. This is the perfect drink for any fall party, or for simply toasting to the beautiful autumn season!

Inspired to grow apples in your own little orchard?  Consult The Best Apples to Buy and Grow, the home-grower’s guide to raising apples in the backyard. The guide not only features the “ABCs” of growing apples, it also serves as an encyclopedia of 60 of America’s best varieties of apples—making it the all-inclusive guide to apple growing, picking, purchasing, and cooking.

For added touches of apple to the home, check out the Shop’s Spicy Apple Botanical Wax Satchets, the Red Apple Wall Hanging, and the Red Delicious Apple Wreath. Guests will marvel at your creative incorporation of Monticello’s beloved fruit into your autumn home décor!


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