Caring for Heirloom Roses

Lily Fox-Bruguiere, Coordinator at the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants, shares information on how to care for roses after their peak bloom time.

There are many reasons to prune your roses, but how and when you prune them depends on whether the plant is a single or repeat bloomer. Single bloomers flower on old wood, so you shouldn’t prune them until after they have bloomed.

The Center for Historic Plants, established at Monticello in 1987, collects, preserves, and distributes historic plant varieties and strives to promote greater appreciation for the origins and evolution of garden plants. The CHP has a beautiful rose garden and rose border on site at Tufton Farm. The Rose Border includes varieties first identified as early as the 1400s and the Léonie Bell Rose Garden, established in memory of rose enthusiast and author Léonie Bell, features over 30 noisette roses.


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